We teach skills to understand and manage emotions, know how emotions impact communication to improve relationships and enable responsible decisions by offering services in the following areas: School Age Social & Emotional Intelligence, Family & Caregiver SEL Support, Teen Social & Emotional Intelligence, Social & Emotional Intelligence for Business

 SEED Learning School Age emotional intelligence

School age social & emotional intelligence

A young child needs essential building blocks to create a stable foundation for their future.  Those building blocks aren't only related to math concepts, language and sciences; we must include social and emotional intelligence as an equal focus if we hope to have healthy, thriving and inclusive communities.

 Family and Caregiver emotional intelligence training and support

family & caregiver social & emotional learning support

Enabling a healthy, thriving and inclusive community starts at home.  Family's and Caregiver's need the skills and supports their children are receiving to model the way within the home and in the community.  Together we can make a change.

 Teen emotional intelligence training

teen social & emotional intelligence

Consistent and age-appropriate social and emotional intelligence learning is imperative to healthy relationships with one's self and others as well as in academic performance.  Our Teen's need help with inner dialogues, communication and decision making now more than ever.

 Emotional Intelligence training for Business

Social & Emotional intelligence for business

Want your employees to be engaged at work?  Great; so do they.  Invest in social and emotional intelligence training and tools that lead to improved employee relationships, increased productivity and significantly reduced unhealthy conflict at work.