what is emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the understanding of and ability to manage one's emotions, how one's emotions impact their communication and decision making and the understanding of others emotions and how one's actions impact others.


Why is emotional intelligence important?

Research from the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence shows high levels of Emotional Intelligence results in decreased anxiety and depression, improves relationships and academic performance. Increased Emotional Intelligence is vital to improve one's ability to make better decisions, communicate effectively and be more productive both personally and professionally. Emotional Intelligence is a must-have skill for everyone of all ages.


Why is emotional intelligence important in the workplace?

Like other environments in your life, Emotional Intelligence is important.  In the workplace, it is a fundamental skill as we must communicate and cooperate with others effectively to do our jobs well, whether we are onsite or work virtually. High levels of Emotional Intelligence also lead to improved productivity. In a study referenced by the Hay Group, 44 Fortune 500 companies found that salespeople with high EQ produced twice the revenue of those with average or below average scores. A Texas-based Fortune 500 Company found increased retention of 67 percent after implementing an EQ Training & Development Plan. Finally, another study found that software engineers in the top 10 percent of the department were coding three times faster than those with lower competency levels. These examples and the countless other studies provide compelling evidence Emotional Intelligence is a must-have skill in the workplace.


can emotional intelligence be learned?

Yes, Emotional Intelligence can be learned.  Like athletic ability, emotional intelligence can be improved by learning new techniques and putting them into practice as you would build muscles by lifting weights in repetition. The key to success is in keeping an open mind and be willing to look within to challenge yourself to make better decisions. The more you consistently engage in this process, the higher your EQ will be.


how is emotional intelligence measured?

At SEED Learning, we measure Emotional Intelligence with our research-based EQ Test. Our to be patented tool collects answers to questions to identify your current Personal and Perceived Emotional Quotient on our EQ Spectrum.


How can knowing my Emotional intelligence score help me?

From improving grades in school to performance in sports and everything in between, not knowing what your strengths and none strengths are is a challenge. You can be the most dedicated person in the world but if you are working diligently on the wrong things, you will never see an improvement to truly attain success. Knowing your current Personal and Perceived EQ will highlight areas that need attention, areas that you need to be aware of and areas you are excelling in enabling our Coach's and Assistant Digital Coach to make personal plans that will work for you.


how can emotional intelligence impact my relationships?

Relationships are sometimes complicated because we as people are complex. Talking to people, relating to them, understanding they to have thoughts, feelings and experiences that will impact their actions and reactions should be easy but takes practice.  People with high levels of Emotional Intelligence work hard and practice often to enable better communication and decision making in good times and bad.  This practice results in the ability to be prepared to meet conflict from a healthy place rather than a defensive one and have deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people in your life whether it be your spouse, child, parent, friend or coworker.