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professional athletes aren’t expected to perform without amazing coaches, why are employees?

give every employee the personalized coaching they need instantly with seed learning’s digital coach.

emotional intelligence. mental health. total wellness.


we’re living in the most stressful era in human history. wouldn’t it be easier to deal with if we had help in the moment we need it?

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poor mental wellness is costly


$500 billion

annual loss to companies due to low emotional well being in the workplace

1 in 4

One in Four people quit their jobs due to stress at work

12.5 million

Working days lost due to work related stress, depression or anxiety


the future of work is healthy

seed learning is your partner in healthy culture creation through:

SEED Learning Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Mental Health Support

personal digital emotional intelligence & mental wellness coach

SEED Learning AI technology that reinforces & embeds a culture of health

ai-powered technology that reinforces & embeds a culture of health

SEED Learning on-site or virtual Team Learning




SEED Learning's mental wellness Program is your organization's secret weapon; it's easier, faster, more cost-effective and results in a team that wins together.


seed learning is making mental wellness a part of everyone's everyday

our mission is to provide the mental wellness help you need in the moment you need it, no matter where you are globally

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